Sunday, April 6, 2014

project life 2014 | weeks 8 - 11

I am loving the variety of new kits being released this year! I am still enjoying using the Neapolitan mini kit the most, but loving the variety.

Here's my weeks eight to eleven!

week eight | using strawberry edition

week nine | neapolitan mini kit

week ten | day dreamer mini kit

week eleven | plus one mini kit

digital project life | growing up | strawberry edition

With two girls, I am always creating a new layout for one of their albums. My oldest daughter's albums are fairly up-to-date, but my youngest was years behind!

I am in the process of correcting that. That's where Digital Project Life comes in handy! I can quickly capture a moment in her life using a simple template and an amazing kit!

For these layouts I used the new Strawberry Edition. Love it!! It's perfect for girl and boy pages!

This first layout documents her at 16 months. I selected a bunch of photos that capture her at that age. I included some journaling on this page, but I actually had A LOT more that I wanted to include about her at that age, so I created two layouts for an insert, see below.

And there's the insert with all the journaling about her at sixteen months. This page is actually two 6x12 layouts on a 12x12 page. It's all ready for printing. What I intend to do is cut it in half and place inside a 6x12 page protector. I love doing this in their albums.

With the splash of colour in the Strawberry Edition, I felt like these photos popped more by being black and white. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

digital project life | 18 years together

Next week, my hubby and I will celebrate 18 years together! To document this milestone, I created this layout using Project Life Template S and the new Amy Tangerine Mini Kit.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

documenting the school years

In no way have I figured out the best system for organizing and documenting my girl's artwork. For one, there is A LOT of it! They both love to draw and create masterpieces on a daily basis!

I will be honest, a lot of it gets recycled!! I just can't keep every single thing they make!! What I can do is take a picture of it before I recycle it!  I either take a picture using my Canon camera or now I use my iPhone and an app called ARTKIVE. This app is great because I can easily indicate whose artwork it is and what age or grade they were in when they created it! I have been taking a lot more pictures of their artwork  these days because of how convenient and easy this app is! Now if they happen to find a piece of artwork in the recycle bin, I can show them I took a picture first! Although, I will be honest, I don't make it a known fact that I recycled it, as they usually get quite upset and want to keep it! Then I have no hope of ever getting rid of it!

I have a spot in the kitchen where their artwork gets piled. I go through it on a weekly/monthly basis and keep what I want, take pictures of what I am not keeping and then discard. I find I still keep quite a bit, but that's because I do plan on either scanning or cutting it down to include in their albums.I currently have a large tote where their artwork goes. It's not perfect, but at least it's organized by child and school year.

Last year, I scanned a bunch of my oldest daughter's artwork from junior kindergarten. Her teacher was amazing!!! She dated everything...what a huge relief that was!! She also took a lot of pictures and then at the end of the year, along with a year-end video, she gave each child a DVD with all their pictures on it!!! I was able to pull a monthly photo (sometimes more) for each month. She also had the kids create a monthly book that included a picture of the tree, that was then to be coloured to relate to the month they were in the fall, leaves on the ground, in the winter, no leaves, etc. And then they would include a story and a picture. The great thing about this book was it gave you a real sense for how much they learned based on how well their drawings and writing had improved. 

I took the scanned artwork and photos and put together these digital layouts using Project Life Template A, the Project Life Personal Mini kit and the Project Life Mayfield kit. I will print these layouts as 12x12 and put in her existing 3-ring album, along with her other layouts documenting her at this age.


I just finished these layouts this weekend. I was inspired by my Mom! Recently while visiting my parents, my Mom brought out a folder full of artwork that me and my three brothers had created.

It was fun going through all of it. I had no idea she had kept half of it! Some of it I remember creating! My oldest, whose artwork is pictured above was right there looking at all of it! She thought it was so cool that Mommy use to write and draw like her!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

project life 2014 | weeks 5 - 7

Now that it's March, I feel the need to wrap up my February weekly layouts.

I am okay with being a few weeks behind in creating my weekly layouts. I know I have all the pictures and memories waiting for me...I just need to find the time to sit down and put them together. With the weather we've been having (very cold and lots of snow) I have been spending a lot more time scrapbooking and I am loving it!! I know in a few months I will be outside enjoying what I hope will be a nice spring, so I am taking advantage of the time to scrapbook now.

Here are weeks 5 to 7. Lots of pink and hearts for the month of February! I LOVE the Neapolitan mini kit!!! I've even thrown in a few other cards from other kits, but for the most part I have been sticking with the Neapolitan mini kit.

week 5 | january 27 - february 2

week 6 | february 3 - 9

week 7 | february 10 - 16

Friday, February 14, 2014

happy valentine's day

I love my little girlies! This is them a few weeks ago for a Valentine photo shoot. I created this layout using Project Life Template S and the Love theme kit. The background paper is from the PL Coral edition. All available at Digital Project Life.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

olaf the snowman valentine card freebie

My girls love the movie Frozen. I thought about buying the Valentine cards in the store, but then I saw this cute idea on Pinterest by Sweet Creek Moon. I love it!! So cute!! I love her version, but I wanted mine to be a bit more girly and pink, so I designed my own!!

My daughter, who is five, absolutely  loves it!!! I have to say, it's pretty darn cute! :)
The card is 3x4 inches in size. The perfect size for anyone who does Project Life and would to include a copy in your album! I printed them on a heavy card stock and use a pop dot to stick the chocolate heart on.

If you would like these sweet cards, you can download them here.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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