Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome to Sheri Mae Designs

Welcome to my new blog....Sheri Mae Designs.

Why the new re-design and blog title? And for many, you're probably wondering what happened to all the pictures!

My other blog still exists and I will continue to post pictures about our everyday life as a family, I just won't be mixing it with my hobby of digi scrapbooking. I know to some that may seem strange, because it's my family that inspires me to do what I do :) For me, I would like to keep them separate. I like to print my family blog as books, so having the layouts and creative team stuff mixed in with my family posts didn't make sense to me. I would much rather post my scrapbook related stuff on another blog. Not only that, I think with having a dedicated blog, I will share my scrapbooking more often :)

I decided to keep my original blog address for this blog and create a new blog address for my family blog. I know many of you were following my family blog, which I thank you for. At this time, I won't be sharing my new blog address publicly. I have notified family and friends of the new address, so check your email. If you wish to continue to follow my family blog, you can email me.

Thanks for understanding. I hope you'll return soon!

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