Sunday, January 8, 2012

alternative title pages for photo-a-day book

A week ago when I started uploading my 2011 book to Blurb, I decided it was time to create a title page.

Here are two different title pages that I created, but ended up deciding they weren't what I was looking for this time around and ended up creating a very simple title page, as seen in my previous post. Maybe I'll use one of these design for 2012 :)

I LOVE both of them equally and who knows, in the end, I may actually use one of them! I am funny that way :) I have been known to redo an entire layout after spending hours on it!! That doesn't happen as often these days, as I don't have time on my side, but it has been known to happen! LOL

I used Becky's Template A for both of them, with slight alterations.

For the first title page, I used elements and journaling cards from Becky's Original Edition kit, along with a few elements from other Jessica Sprauge designers :)

For the second title page, I mostly used elements and journaling cards from Becky's Cobalt Edition Kit. I think the Cobalt kit is my favourite of them all :)

Who knows, maybe these title pages will inspire you :)

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