Sunday, January 8, 2012

project 365 {2011 edition}

2011 marked my second year of completing Project 365. I did it for the first time in 2009 and loved it!!! I attempted to do it in 2010, but by day 63, I gave myself and my camera a break :) I still took a lot of pictures that year, but not daily like I had hoped! It was all good, many memories were documented, just in a different way.

I loved the experience so much that I knew I wanted to do it again, so in 2011, I did :) I missed a handful of days here and there, but I didn't care, it was more about the experience and the everyday moments I was capturing. It wasn't so much about ensuring I had a photo every day.

In the beginning, I wasn't going to create weekly layouts, like I did in 2009. But once I got going, I realized how much I enjoyed my weekly layouts and the book I actually created with those layouts.

That brings me to today, where I am finishing up my weekly layouts in preparation for printing my photo-a-day book for 2011.

I am about half way there. I've kept my layouts fairly simple this time around, which is a good thing, since I started late in the game on working on them and than got busy with other projects and haven't worked on my layouts for months, until now :)

My approach:

I am using the same background paper for where the photos and journaling go, along with the same font on every page. This is saving me A LOT of time!!

I use different page borders for each month, along with different patterned paper for each week. I find I spend more time picking the patterned paper to use than anything else!! LOL

For the weekly titles, I used Ali Edwards hand drawn numbers until week 31. That's all she has in that set, so after week 31 I had to start using regular font. It's working out okay.

The templates. I purchased the P365 2010 monthly template sets by Biograffiti as my starting point. These templates have since retired :(   I am not using the templates as intended though, as there is a template for each week of the year. I mix and match the different templates together. The same goes for the date tags that come with the templates. Sometimes I use the ones from another month instead. I am also using templates from Weeds and Wildflower Designs, the same templates I originally used when I did my 2009 weekly layouts. And just recently, I started using Becky Higgins' Project Life digital templates and kits (now available at

I like combining different digital elements from different designers. It makes for a more unique book in the end. The designers I find myself most drawn to and have used their kits the most are: Zoe Pearn (Sweet Shoppe Designs), Echo Park, and Cosmo Cricket (

My title page:

I went with something very simple for my title page. I used Becky Higgins Template A and just deleted the 4x6 layers, leaving me with four perfect spots for pictures of each of us!! I then included one of Ali Edwards' 2011 digital brushes. The heart element is from Becky's Cobalt Edition Extra Elements. The page border is by Sweet Genevieve Designs.
Monthly dividers: 

Each month is divided using the same design, one large photo on the left and a table of contents style page on the right. The list on the right, are the titles from each of my daily blog posts that make up all the daily photos for that particular month. I also indicate the weeks and days included in that month. My weeks go from Monday to Sunday, which results in some months getting broken up. Next time around, I may design my layouts around a month and not necessary the weeks. But this is how I did it in 2009 and I liked it, so I stuck with it.


Here is what January 2011, weeks one to four look like. 

My plan is to have my book ready to print by the end of this month :) Wish me luck!

If you have any questions about what products I used and my process, please post a comment and I'll answer your question :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. I recently found your blog and the idea of "project life". I love this idea and think I might give it a try. Your book is BEAUTIFUL - what a great source of inspiration!!

    I would love to know the name of the cursive font you used for the word "January" above. It is also used in the layouts above for the weeks (i.e., "one", "two", "three" and "four"). Any help you could provide on what it is and where to find it would be much appreciated. I would love to use it to create x-mas gift tags.

    Thank you!


  2. Please disregard my question above regarding the cursive font used in a portion of your layouts. I re-read your post and understand that it is an AE kit and not an actual font that you can type with. Sorry that I didn't catch that earlier.



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