Monday, February 13, 2012

valentine's day photo shoot and cards

On January 29th, I had a Valentine's photo shoot with my girls. Every year, I try to capture a cute photo of them to use on the Valentine cards they send to their grandparents and cousins.

It's a good thing that they both have pinks rooms, so it makes for an easy backdrop for photos like this! It also helps to have cute matching shirts!! Aren't these t-shirts just the cutest?! Strawberry Shortcake was a favourite of mine growing up, so the fact that my girls are enjoying the "new" Strawberry Shortcake makes me smile :)

I included a few of my favourites on this layout. I especially love the ones of them together! I had Alyssa write the message with white chalk on a piece of black construction and than I put it in a frame. The one of them lying next to each other required me to bribe Cayla with smarties! Alyssa is my perfect model, always so willing to smile for the camera, where Cayla would rather stick her tongue out :) They're my crazy little girls and I love them so much!!

I made a few different cards this year. I wanted to use their individual pictures for cards as well as the pictures of them together. The individual cards are 4x3 and are perfect to give to friends, which is what they're doing. 

To create the cards I used the free pdf (listed in the supplies) and took the word art as the basis for the cards. As I said, the small cards are 4x3 and the larger card pictured is a 4x6 image.

Once I created the cards in Photo Shop, I printed two 3x4 cards on one 4x6 image and than the 4x6 images on their own. I just print them at Walmart, as it's cheap and on my way home from work!

To finish the cards off, I mounted them on cardstock. For the larger cards, I mounted the photo on cardstock and than mounted on a 5x7 card which I attached ribbon to. Super easy to do and it gives it that added bit of colour to make the photos pop!

I had Alyssa sign the inside of each card, as they were being mailed to the grandparents and cousins. As for the cards for their friends, we worked on those and some treat bags yesterday, so I'll post pictures of those later today or tomorrow.

Supplies used for the cards and the layout: 

Fonts used:
Pea NJH Whimsy, Pea Snowflake Doodle, Pea Stacy and Pea Alyssa, available at
2Peas CrossEyed and 2Peas Funky Monkey, available at Two Peas in a Bucket.

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  1. These are so cute Sheri ! Thanks for linking up the freebie I just hopped over and downloaded the pdf.


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