Friday, March 2, 2012

project life 2012 - week six

Loving my February layouts so far! Here's week six. Lots of pink again :) It's not even the week of Valentine's Day, but we started celebrating early :)

I am glad I decided to include lots of photos and also different items, like Alyssa's artwork and even a screen shot of my Creative Team profile!

The girls are really into watching the movie, Wall-E. So it was no surprise that Alyssa drew a picture of Wall-E and Eve. I took a picture of her drawing and than found a picture of the two online.

For my Creative Team profile, I took a screen shot of it and than included Becky's famous "cultivate a good life and record it" word art. I couldn't let my big day of being announced as a Creative Team member to go undocumented!

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