Monday, April 9, 2012

project life 2012 - week eleven

Week eleven didn't start off very well, but it ended on a good note. It's weeks like this that I am thankful that I do this project! It shows me what truly matters in life and how we need to be thankful for each and every day we have!

This week spring arrived early and by the end of the week we were wearing shorts!! How crazy is that for March! It was March break, so Alyssa didn't have school. This was a good thing as she would've ended up missing it due to her being sick. It didn't last long, but she was down and out for a couple days. It's a good thing Daddy was home to take care of her!

We did a first as a family this week. Finally, all four of us went to the movies together!! I  have been waiting for the perfect movie to take Cayla to for her first movie experience. It was when I saw the trailer for The Lorax that I knew I had found the perfect movie!! It was super cute!! 

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  1. Your layouts have completely inspired me to look into digital scrapping! So, I have been pouring over digital kits and templates for the last week. I am so excited to get started!

    I do have one question for you...I noticed that you used the "Friday" journaling card on one your layouts. Can you tell me how you convert the pdf file into a file usable in Photoshop? I have tons of free printable files that I would love to use!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Jac. Sorry for not responding sooner!

    To use a PDF files in Photoshop, I first open the PDF. When it opens, my mouse pointer looks like a plus sign (hard to describe), but what it allows me to do is select an image within the PDF, just like the selection tool in Photoshop does. Once I have selected the entire journaling card, I right click and select Copy Image. Then I go to my layout in Photoshop and paste it. It's super easy! Good luck!


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