Sunday, April 1, 2012

using project life for baby pages

As promised here are my completed baby pages using Becky's Project Life photo pages.

I am sure many people have thought of using Project Life to do baby pages, many of you probably already have, but for those who have thought about it and weren't sure how to begin, I am hoping I can inspire you!

Sorry if my pictures aren't that clear, I am not use to photographing my layouts :)

I have been meaning to put together a layout about my oldest daughter's birth story. Not for her album, but for our family album. I've had the placeholder for almost six years now and I never quite found the inspiration to do it. For one, I went digital shortly after she was born so it felt strange to put a digital layout in the middle of an album that is almost 100% paper layouts! I would do it now but back than it seemed strange. LOL

When I got my Project Life page protectors I got the inspiration I needed! Originally, I was only going to use the pages to document her birth story. I wanted a two page layout to do that, but that left the other sides blank! That's when I decided to do a title page of sorts, a way to introduce her!

Here's the title page... 
It was super simple to put together. I had taken these pictures of her when she was just three weeks old. Back than I didn't have my dSLR, I just had a little point and shoot. It was during this shoot that I realized how much I love photography and how I knew I only wanted to get better!! For being very amateur at the time, I think I did okay :)

The top left photo pocket has her details, like name, date of birth, weight, etc. I just printed it at home on my printer. I then attached cardstock down the side. All the cardstock I used for these pages is by Chatterbox. It's all stuff I had left over from creating her pages back in the day, so I doubt any of it is available now. The same for the chipboard letter A. It's by Chatterbox too. I wanted to use it on these pages because it would tie all the other pages I've created in this album together.

Next up is the two page spread about her birth story....
 This took a bit more planning to ensure I got all the pictures I wanted on the two pages. That's where the 4x6 templates by Paislee Press came in handy.

Here's an up close picture of the left side. Again, more Chatterbox supplies.
I've had these letters stuck to another layout for years, along with the paper, so I just removed them and put them on this 4x6 piece of cardstock.
Here's a view of the right side of the layout, but you'll notice I've used a 6x12 template for the actual birth story so you can only see half of the page. These page protectors are amazing!!! I knew I wanted to use one for this page! 
Because I don't have a large format printer that prints 12x12 pages, I had to be creative in putting this together. So I created a 6x11 image in Photo Shop Elements. I typed my journaling and added the Ali Edwards word art. I did two of these, as there is a back side to this.

I saved the images as a jpgs and inserted them as an image into Microsoft Word. Why did I do this instead of printing directly from Photo Shop? I personally found I got a nicer finished print when printing from Word. In Word, I adjusted my margins slightly, but overall didn't do a whole lot and than I printed each page out!

I than trimmed them, giving me two long journaling cards that were an inch too short!
The resolution? I offset them and than I adhered more Chatterbox paper to the back side of the other journaling card and than I placed a scalloped sticker on the seam to make it less noticeable. On the front side, I have paper at the bottom and on the back side, I have paper at the top.
Here's a view of the back side of the long journaling card. For the back side, I put the word art at the bottom and the extra one inch piece of patterned paper at the top.
Here is a view of the second page without the journaling card. Again, more pictures and a few cute inserts. Very simple and easy to put together!
Now that I had the birth story pages put together, I was left with another blank page, which is the back side to the page above. I had the perfect story to share on this page too!

The story of welcoming her home...
 Again, I used more of the Paislee Press 4x6 templates to get as many pictures on this one page. Then with a couple inserts by Crystal Wilkerson I had another cute and simple layout finished!
I honestly can't believe how easy it was to put these pages together!! Now I wish I had this system back when she was born, as I would've done her entire album this way!! At least now, I can insert pages like this here and there throughout their albums and ours!!

I hope I have inspired you to start using Project Life for your new arrival or even better to go back and create an album for your older children!! It's totally doable!! Good luck!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Thank you, thank you for the inspiration! I have not done my children's baby books. They are 8 and 5 now. I even purchased Becky Higgin's baby kits. I think the Project Life style is well suited for anything and everything. No doubt. But I needed to see what you have done to steer me... Beautiful job. And sweet sweet baby. :)

  2. Beautiful! I use Project Life two ways. One to document what is happening in our everyday life currently and two to catch up on all the photos I have sitting around waiting to be scrapbooked. I think mixing the two types really makes for an interesting album. Again, beautiful!

  3. Beautiful pages! I have not done my kids baby books, and with 5 kids I don't know that I ever will. If and when I do, I hope they look half as good as these. Thanks for sharing! !

  4. I love these pages!!! My son is 4 months old and I have been tossing & turning on how to give a "Project Life" approach to his album- You did a great job keeping it simple, yet beautiful. I especially like the collages in each 4x6" pocket

  5. Beautiful!!!!! Thanks for sharing for inspiration....I still have my 4 year old and 2 year old's baby books to do.

  6. Thankyou so much for sharing this. I am 2 weeks off having a baby girl and am wanting to pre-fill a few things in her album so it's not too time consuming and difficult to put together when she arrives, as well as at the same time wanting to finish of my boys' albums ;) these have helped nudge my mojo back to life!

  7. I have a question. You mentioned in this post about "her" album and the "family's" album. What do you mean? How do you do your albums? I have one two year old daughter and my albums now consist of pictures of her and that's about it. Maybe that is due to having one child? Thanks!

    1. Hi Amber. Thanks for stopping by!

      I have two girls and they each have their own set of albums. And then I have albums that are just for my husband and I. Although, those albums are more or less replaced with the yearly blurb books I print of my weekly layouts.

      The intention behind their albums and ours is that they will take their albums with them (hopefully) when they leave home and the albums I've created for us will remain :) I hope this helps.


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