Monday, May 14, 2012

project life 2012 - week twelve

What week are we on now? Today is the start of week 20 for me!! And yet I haven't completed a layout since week 12. Yikes!!

There has been so much stuff going on at home and work that I haven't found the time to put any new layouts together! I need to rectify this problem and spend some time preserving memories :)

I am still taking lots of pictures and trying my best to capture the stories behind them, but sadly I am failing a bit in that department too! I should learn not to rely on my memory so much...I have a good one, but I can't always remember two weeks later why I took certain photos!! Need to get back on track and start documenting daily!

By looking at this two page spread I would think it was the middle of summer!! Nope, just a heat wave in the middle of March!! It sure was nice, even though it was short! Overall I can't complain about the spring we've been having. It's nice to be outside enjoying the warmer weather.



  1. Love your layouts, awesome inspiration. I keep checking back.

    I have a little notebook on my bench where I jot down why I took a picture. I only sometimes use it though!

  2. I only sometimes use it though!


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