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Alyssa's Lalaloopsy birthday party with friends

A few weeks ago Alyssa had her friends over to celebrate her birthday!! I have been preparing for this day for weeks now!! Overall, I think everything went very well. Even though it was a mad dash to get everything decorated in time! I think I will give myself more time next year!

I spent the morning putting the final touches on everything. The one thing that took a bit of time was putting these cuties on the cupcake stand! A few weeks ago we saw this eight pack of Lalaloopsy dolls at Toys R' Us. As soon as I saw it, I knew they would be perfect for the party!

Getting them to stay on the cupcake stand was a bit challenging, even with the help of pop dots on their bums!! The ones on the edge kept tilting forward or backwards!! I even put a couple pop dots on the back of the number 6 candle. The candle started out as a plain dollar store candle. I added the glitter to dress it up a bit! It's just too bad that once the glitter dried, it didn't stick to the candle very well. It was just holding on, but barely! The great thing was Alyssa had no idea I had got all these dolls, so when she saw the stand with all the dolls and cupcakes she was blown away!
This is what it looked like with all the cupcakes on it.
Here's the table all decorated before anyone arrived. Everything came together the way I had envisioned it. The tissue paper pom poms really finished everything off!! I made the light pink and yellow ones and than the pink one I purchased at a party store. They weren't hard to make, but dollar store tissue paper isn't as forgiving as the other tissue paper.
I was lucky that my father-in-law was able to track down two dolls stand!! I wanted the Lalaloopsy dolls to be standing up on the table.
Here is a close-up of the candle. I never did light it, we had another candle for that.
Also on the top of the cupcake stand was a table and chairs with two mini Lalaloopsy dolls enjoying a cake of their own! These two dolls are Alyssa's favourite. They are Bea Spells A-Lot (with orange hair) and Jewel Sparkles. The little cake came with one of Alyssa's Littlest Pets. When I saw her playing with it a few weeks ago I knew it would be perfect for today!
I have seen some amazing button cookies on Pinterest and knew I wanted to make my own. The only difference was I wanted mine to be on a stick so I could put them in jars of candy! For the cookie dough I used a new recipe called, Play Dough Cookies.
I can't say I was a fan of the taste, but the cookies looked amazing and all the girls loved them!!

To make the cookies look like buttons I had two circle cookie cutters. One to cut out the shape and the other to slightly indent the dough to give it the edge. Then I took a straw to make the button holes. One thing I learned a long time ago when baking cookies like this is put them in the fridge for about five minutes before you bake them. Why? So they don't lose their shape when baking.

For mine, I also had to insert the stick before baking. In some cases the cookie fell of the stick after they were baked! After they were cooled, I tied ribbon around them and inserted into the jars of candy!

 They looked amazing! All the girls kept asking if they were real! The other buttons were real buttons that I glued on the same sticks. 

Not the most perfect pom poms, but pretty good for my first attempt at making them!
Each Lalaloopsy doll comes with a poster. On the back of each poster is a group shot of the dolls. So since the girls each have a doll, I thought I would hang the posters up in the frames we normally have a family pictures in.

I snapped a picture of Alyssa at the front door before her guests arrived. I coloured the picture hanging on the front door. It's a picture of the original eight dolls. She didn't know I did this either. It came in a colouring book that I bought her for her birthday (which she hadn't received yet). I knew it would be perfect to put on the front door.

This year I thought it would be fun to do a pinata. When I saw this number six, I knew it was perfect. Not only that it made a good photo prop!
One of the big tasks that I had to do before all the girls arrived was set up for the crafts they were going to do. This took a lot of planning on my part and I am happy to say it went so smoothly!

When deciding what to do at a Lalaloopsy themed party I had several ideas, but none of them seemed right. I kept trying to relate it back to the dolls that Alyssa & Cayla have, which are Blossom Flowerpot and Crumbs Sugar Cookie. While driving home from work one night, it hit me!!I would have the girls decorate a flower pot.They would then go outside to hit the pinata to get some candy! That candy would be used as the dirt for their flower pots.When they came back inside they would decorate their own cookies on a stick! Those cookies would then stand up in their flower pots!! Perfect!! I was so proud of myself for coming up with this idea!!

To pull it off and make it go smoothly, I had to make sure I had all the supplies and was very organized on the day of the party! The way I accomplished that was by having everything the girls would need on their own plate!! I wasn't sure if I was going to buy large plastic plates or what I was going to do. It was in the party supply store that I found a package of 20 square paper plates! They worked like a charm!!

Here are all the plates all ready to go before the party. I spent about an hour that morning assembling everything. Best idea I ever had! This alone saved me so much work and clean-up afterwards!

Each girl had a plate for their flower pot and a plate for their cookies. The other saving grace was those little white candy cups. I found those at the dollar store for $2.00 for 40 cups. Oh, and how can I forget our Ikea bowls and cups!! We've been using these for years with the girls and today they came in handy!!

For the flower pot, they each had: one clay flower pot, four different colours of paint, a cup with glue, a cup with buttons, some felt flower stickers, two paint brushes, a popsicle stick for the glue and a bowl with water to wash their brushes off. Look at how nicely everything fit!
So when it came time to paint the flower pots, we just grabbed a plate and set it down in front of each girl. The mess was contained to their plate and they didn't have to reach or ask for anything because they had it all right there!! When they finished, I wrote their name on the bottom of the flower pot.
Alyssa LOVED this part!! I knew she would! A couple of the other girls were really into it too, while a few were quick to finish. I knew that would happen, as I know not every kid is like Alyssa and wants to sit and paint for hours!! When the other girls finished, they went off to play with a bunch of the balloons we had blown up.
Even Cayla joined in and painted her own pot!! She wanted to sit at the table with Alyssa and her friends. All the girls made Cayla feel like she was part of the group too! It was so sweet.
From the moment she started painting her pot, I knew she was loving it!!
Alyssa was the last one at the table painting. No surprise there!!
Next we took the girls outside to wear off some of their energy and to take a few whacks at the pinata!!
I love this one of Alyssa! You can tell she made contact and some candy went flying. I did have to hit it once to break it open a bit or else they may have been there awhile!
Once the girls collected their candy, we came back inside to decorate the cookies. I had already baked all the cookies the day before. I had three different shapes, two flowers and a butterfly.
Again, the plate came in handy! Each plate had three cookies, a cup with icing, a knife for spreading it and five different sprinkles/candies to decorate the cookies with.

After opening the gifts, the girls enjoyed rainbow cupcakes! I didn't get a really good picture of the top of the cupcakes, but on each of them were four coloured, chocolate buttons.
The girls were pleasantly surprised by the rainbow cupcakes! They were quite tasty!
After the cupcakes the girls went to play in the basement. By this time they had maybe 1/2 hr left before their parents were to pick them up. Another activity I had was Lalaloopsy colouring pages. I found these on one of the many Lalaloopsy Facebook fan pages.
I took a picture of all the girls completed flower pots and cookies. So cute!! The girls were all very proud of their creations! And all the parents were pleasantly surprised that the girls made them!
The girls all got Lalaloopsy tattoos before they left too!
Each girl got a little gift bag. I made the name tags to look somewhat like the tags that come with a Lalaloopsy doll.  The following stuff was in the bags, a Lalaloopsy colouring book (from Michaels), a little baggie with Lalaloopsy stickers and tattoos and a box of smarties. I made the little bag topper in Photoshop and then printed and stapled to the top.

Overall the party was a huge success!! Alyssa and her friends had a blast! I had fun planning it all and I am thankful it all went well, but it was a lot of work and I was very tired by the end of the two hours!

She also had a family birthday party...I'll share those photos soon :)

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  1. Brilliant Lalaloopsy birthday party! These photos are eye catching. Loved the cake and party color scheme. Thanks for such pretty photos. You know my daughter is also turning 7 and we will host a cute party at one of prettiest San Francisco venues. I am very excited for the birthday bash!


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