Sunday, July 8, 2012

project life 2012 - week sixteen

In past years, I've restricted myself to only including one photo from each day on my weekly layouts. This time around, there are no rules and I love it!!

I am finding myself including a lot more than just one photo to tell the story about a particular day. For instance, on page two of this week, I included seven photos from the little tea/birthday party we had for Alyssa's Lalaloopsy doll.



  1. Love the colours and the kits you used for the last two weeks ! Sweet and so girly, having 2 boys I'd love some more pink and pastels in my PL. Great invite design too!

    I <3 the tea party... My Mum did things for me like that when I was little too and I loved it as well. libbywilko

  2. I love your approach to PL and I am just curious (as I searched in various places on your blog but couldn't find the answer)) who you use to get your layouts printed up through? Do you have a photo book made with your PL layouts or do you print them as layouts and put into a traditional album? Thanks!

  3. Stephie, if you click on the project 365 link at the top of my blog you'll see the previous books I have printed. I use Blurb to print my yearly books.


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