Friday, August 10, 2012

fresh country air - fabulous friday

I grew up living in the country, where our closest neighbours couldn't be seen, but what could be seen was fields of corn/wheat/hay and lots of trees! This past week my parents have decided to sell their house in the country and move to something smaller with a lot less land! Probably a good idea considering they live on 50 acres!

What I'll miss the most is the fresh country air, the wide open fields and of course the amazing backdrops to photos that I've been so lucky to capture! Typically, the best time is during the fall, but just recently I was able to capture these pictures of the girls running to check out the amazing crop of corn!
The grass is brown due to the lack of water, but the corn looks amazing!
My friend, Jen has a weekly photo share on her blog called, Fabulous Friday. This is my first time linking up!


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