Wednesday, August 22, 2012

my future project lifer

A couple weeks ago I received my Project Life: Clementine edition core kit. YAY!! It's been a long wait, but for me it's not as if I was waiting for it to actually start my Project Life album!

Even though I am a digi scrapbooker, I do still love to dabble in creating some project with paper! I plan to use these cards to create a family history album!! Something I have been planning on doing for years! I have the idea in my head, I just need to make it happen!

I do love the Clementine edition, but now that I've seen the new Project Life core kits for 2013, Seafoam and Olive, I think I might need to get those kits too! I like mixing things up!

When I opened the box of goodies, my oldest daughter was right there wanting to see! She couldn't wait to get her hands on all the paper! (Sigh!) She sat there for more than 10 minutes looking through all the designs, commenting on the ones she liked and continually asking if she could have some of the cards!
Her face lit up when I told her she could have some and that I would even give her some of the plastic page protectors to use! Right away she asked me if I could print some pictures for her to put in her book! She sure knows how to make this Mommy proud :) She may only be six, but I truly do hope she finds a passion for preserving memories, however that looks to her.


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  2. It's nice to see her excited as you are about PL. I love the new designs too particularly Elise's Seafoam edition.


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