Saturday, August 11, 2012

project life 2012 - week seventeen

I am still taking lots of photos and documenting everyday life! I hope you are too!

But like many of you, I am behind in getting those photos and stories put together in my weekly layouts. I am okay with being a few months behind, as I know it won't take long to catch up! Right now I am working on layouts from May!

When I do get a few minutes, I take the time to get my photos together in a template and then save it and when I get a few more minutes, I copy and paste the stories I want to tell. I get all the stories from the blog posts that I am very diligent about keeping! I only allow myself to get a few weeks behind in writing those or else I find a forget too much!!

So even through April seems like a year ago now, this layout wasn't hard to put together because I had all the stories right there to copy and paste onto the journaling cards!

This is week seventeen...

We got one last blast of snow on April 24th, but it quickly melted.

I had surgery on the cyst on my shoulder on April 27th. I wish I could say everything went well, but two days after it started to drain and I had to make another trip to the ER. I am happy to say that three months later, it's healed and besides the ugly scar, I am happy it's all over with!

The girls were really into gymnastics this week and we saw a big improvement in their participation!

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  1. how do you print on your journaling cards?

  2. Your pages are great! I was wondering the same thing as Courtney -- how do you print on your journaling cards? It looks terrific!

  3. Thanks ladies :) I am glad you could stop by!

    My layouts are 100% digital, so I type directly on the journaling cards in Photoshop Elements.

    Jennifer Woodbury, another Project Life Creative Team member had a post a few months ago about how she prints directly onto the journaling cards! You can check out her post here:

  4. Hi
    Just found you from becky's blog. I really like the amount of journalling on y our pages. Mine tend to be picture heavy. ..perhaps one week I'll give this a try! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful pages! I am stocking up on PL things now to start in January.
    I am having a First Day of School Link Up on my blog and would love to have you.


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