Wednesday, August 29, 2012

project life 2012 - week twenty

Another fun-filled birthday related week! Love it!! Pretty much the whole second page is dedicated to her sixth birthday party!! This time it was to celebrate with the family. She's pretty lucky to get two birthday parties!!

I even attempted to make a rainbow cake! I say attempted because I don't think it was a total success! For one, the piece that I cut her almost fell over before I even had a chance to sit it in front of her to sing Happy Birthday!! With some help from my Mom, we got it standing and made it through the entire song!

The theme of the party was Lalaloopsy dolls. I had found some artwork online that I then coloured in Paint Shop, which I used on the first page where it says Happy Birthday. The doll's name is Jewel Sparkles. They really are the cutest dolls with the most interesting names! 

To see more detailed pictures of her friend party, see this post. I loved planning this party and have to say it was my best one yet!

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  1. Love the cake ! It looks so awesome. Well done she looks like she had a wonderful time. Love the colours of your layout this month.


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