Sunday, September 30, 2012

project life 2012 - week twenty-eight

I have been waiting for this week for a VERY long time! When I started to seriously consider getting braces, I never actually thought it would happen! The entire process started last December with me getting all the x-rays and moldings done. Then in the spring I had my bottom wisdom teeth removed. Originally, I was suppose to get my braces on in June, but I was scheduled the same day as my daughter's school trip, so I had to reschedule for this week! July 12, 2012. The day my smile would change forever!

I had my husband take pictures of me before and after. By this point, I wasn't in any pain, it just felt awkward to have all the metal in my mouth. I won't lie, it took me awhile to get use to them. The biggest hurdle for me was the elastics. They rubbed on the insides of my mouth and gave me terrible canker sores! I know all the pain and discomfort will be worth it, or at least that's what everyone keeps telling me! I know it will be, but I am not very patient so the thought of waiting 2 years is a bit daunting to me!

It didn't take long for the girls to get use to the braces! It was actually Alyssa who asked me why I was getting braces. She told me she loved my smile just the way it was :) Awe, how sweet! I'll never forget that!

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  1. Good Luck with the braces, I'm sure you will love the results. I had my cousin and best friend have them done as adults and they are both so so happy with how they look and how confident and more smiley they are now.


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