Friday, October 26, 2012

halloween dress rehearsal

Every Halloween I dress the girls up in their costumes to do a photo shoot. Sort of like a dress rehearsal.

I usually do it the week before Halloween or a few days before, it all depends on the weather. This year, I did the photo shoot two weeks early!! Last Wednesday was beautiful, so I knew that I needed to take advantage of it. So happy that I did, because the pictures I got are amazing!

Alyssa is Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and Cayla is Little Red Riding Hood. They look so good in their costumes!! Love it! They had a blast running around the park and I had a blast chasing them!
 The finishing touch for Alyssa's costume was definitely the wig! It transformed her into Dorothy. She was over the rainbow excited that she got to be Dorothy, since Wizard of Oz is a new favourite movie!
Cayla really didn't care what she was for Halloween, so when I suggested Little Red Riding Hood (since it meant she could carry a basket too) she was happy! Who knew that red would be such a perfect colour for her! She looked amazing in her red cape!
I highly recommend photographing your kids in their Halloween costumes beforehand! The night of Halloween they are so excited to go out trick-or-treating that they won't want to stand too long for pictures! I know I'll be doing this for as long as they'll let me!


  1. Darling costumes (and darling girls too, of course)! I always take costume photos before Halloween too. Saves me tons of stress and I think my kids also appreciate getting out of the way early! :)

  2. After I read this I dragged the kids outside for a photo shoot! Pics to follow soon in this week's PL layout:) AWESOME photos, love the setting sun!


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