Friday, October 19, 2012

photo inspiration

This week I was fortunate enough to share five of my favourite photos on Becky's blog. I didn't just select five random favourites, which is a lot harder than you think, instead I selected photos that have ME in them, well, one of them doesn't, but if you read the article you'll read why!! :)

My reason for doing this is because I want to send a message to all the mother's out there...

you need to be present in your photos!!

Step from behind the lens once and awhile and show your kids that you really do exist!! I am sure for a lot of you there are very few pictures of you with your kids! I speak from experience when I say that when your kids are older, they want to see photos of you with them!

I would do anything to have a random, everyday photo from when I was a kid where it's just me and my Mom. It really would mean the world to me! :) I never knew how important it was to me until I had children of my own. It really became a priority when I started doing photo-a-day. It was during that first year of doing that project that I made a conscious decision to be present in at least one photo a week!

In my article, I mention a few ways you can go about ensuring you're present in your photos. One option that I forgot about is...use a mirror!!

This photo was taken in early 2011 (gosh, my girls have grown). I remember the day like it was yesterday. My youngest had just woken from a nap (I sure do miss nap time!!) and for some reason I had my camera and I saw our reflection in the bathroom mirror. My girls are use to my crazy ideas when it comes to taking photos, so it didn't take much to convince them to stand with me :) This photo will go down as one of my all-time favourites!! 

I only shared five of my favourite photos on Becky's blog, but I have so many more that I would like to share...

 This one of me and my youngest was actually taken by my six year old!! Not bad!

This one of us making dinner together is one of those favourite family memories that I will always cherish. I love my self-timer!!

Here's the self-portrait shot I was talking about in my article. I do this a lot with my girls. I think we've perfected this shot!!

 Love this family shot of us overlooking Lake Muskoka. It was actually my husband's idea!! I think he is finally learning something from me! lol

Pictures of me baking with the girls are another fav of mine! 

As part of Becky's Project Real Life class, I took the above photo of me folding laundry and the below photo of me eating breakfast with my girls. Yup, that's me with no make-up on a Saturday morning!! It doesn't matter how you look at the time, just be present!
As for my Mom being in photos today....well, she has no choice with me as her daughter! I don't know, but I think she looks pretty happy to be in this photo with her daughter and granddaughters. 
She also makes it into a lot of the everyday photos I take. These are easier to take because she doesn't really know I am taking them. Who am I camera is practically attached to me, so everyone in my family has learned that they'll make it into at least a few random photos, whether they like it or not!
This one of her reading a birthday card to my youngest on her third birthday is totally priceless to me! It's not in focus by any means, but I could care less, because it's the emotion that jumps out at me that makes this photo a keeper! I absolutely love it!!!

It all comes down to relationships and documenting them. Whether it's between you and your children, your spouse, your parents, in-laws, grandparents, etc. Find a way to preserve  those memories.

Remember to smile for the camera, document the journey and share it with others.


  1. Your photos are always so crisp. What camera and lenses do you use?

  2. Great pictures! I am such a fan of being in pictures. It is SO important. Some people like my Nana cut themselves out of pictures, which breaks my heart, and lots of other people are behind the camera all the time. I love your ideas for getting yourself in the pictures. I'm getting better at remembering to take self portraits when I'm out and about with my hubby.
    May I ask, what is the font/word art that you use on the first picture "looking through the lens..." ?
    I've been enjoying your Project real Life pages too.
    Thanks, Jo :)

  3. Jeanann - thanks for your kind comments. I have a Canon T2i and use a Sigma 17-70 lens.

    Jo, thanks so much for stopping by! The word art used on the photos is by Ali Edwards. I believe it was a freebie from a couple years ago.

  4. Hi! I'm visiting from Becky's blog - loving the digital format. I was drawn to the Lake Muskoka picture - We live in Barrie and go to Muskoka frequently. It is a beautiful pose. Are the background papers for your layouts the ones that come with each of Becky Higgins designs or are they from another source? Thanks for sharing!


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