Tuesday, October 2, 2012

project life 2012 - week twenty-nine

It was a hot week, so that meant we waited until the evening to go outside, which meant amazing golden photos...love that golden hour.

It probably wasn't the best time to plant two trees, but we got a good deal on them!! The one is doing okay, but the other one not so great, we're hoping it makes it!


  1. Sheri! I absolutely love all of your PL spreads!!! Do you mind me asking where you got these digital journaling cards/templates? I'm new to your blog, so please forgive me if all of this stuff has already been addressed, I just couldn't find it!!


  2. Hi Hope,

    Usually I am pretty good about listing my supplies, but lately I haven't been a good girl! Sorry! The journaling cards are by Crystal Wilkerson and you can them here: http://crystalwilkerson.com/digital/index.php/all-products/sweet-summertime-labels.html

    Thanks for stopping by! I'll try to be better about listing my supplies in the future, but when I only have a couple mins to post, it seems to be the one thing that I don't have time for :)


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