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a year in review from 2009

I am sure many of you are wrapping up your Project Life albums for 2012 and looking forward to starting fresh for 2013.

Being that I've done this a few times, I am also looking back on how I ended each year. It got me thinking about the year 2009, my first year doing photo-a-day.

At the end of that year, I did a "year in review" blog post. Come to think of it, I don't think I've done one since! That's probably because it required a lot of effort on my part to put together! But in saying that, it truly is one of my favourite blog posts I've ever done! That's why I want to share it with you! Maybe it will inspire you :)

Things to keep in mind:
  • I always include how many pictures I've taken in a year. This usually ends up on my title page or my dedication page in my final book. See previous books here
  • I use to create blog posts for every day! That's how I know which day these events took place! Or you can always use this handy online tool to tell you. I say "use to" because I haven't written a daily blog post on my family blog since October! Not sure if I'll ever go back to daily blogging like I "use to" do.
  • In 2009, I was on maternity leave with my second daughter, which is why it was the perfect year to do photo-a-day for the first time.
  • My husband lost his job on day 21. He was out of work for the rest of that year! You would think it would put a strain on us, but instead we came together as a family and made it probably one of the best years ever!

I give you....2009 in review (exactly as I wrote it on January 1, 2010)

 These last few days I have been scanning through the thousands of photos I took and blog posts I wrote during Project 365. I calculated it and I took approximately 26, 165 pictures and wrote 427 blog posts!! That means a lot of memories were preserved for the future!! I can't think of a better way to document your every day life than taking a photo, or in my case many photos a day. But it wasn't the photos alone that made my project what it is today, it was the many, many words I wrote to describe our every day life! The photos and words combined will be such an amazing keepsake!

While scanning the photos I noticed some themes happening, where I took pictures of the same thing but at different times within the year or where the same activity happened many times within the year. So I thought it would be fun to do my year in review with a then and now theme.

One thing we all did this year was turn a year older :)

Alyssa celebrated her 3rd birthday on day 141 and I celebrated my 32nd birthday on day 284.

Jason celebrated his 34th birthday on day 331 and Cayla celebrated her 1st birthday on day 343, although the picture is from her party on day 339.

The biggest thing I noticed while scanning the photos is how much the girls have grown! Here they are on day 4 and day 281.

And our family of four on day 47 and day 359. Besides the girls looking more grown up, I can see a change in Jason and's probably the combined 30 or so pounds we lost this year!!!

The one who has grown up the most is of course our Cayla Bear. Here she is on day 9 (one month) and day 354 (one year photo shoot).

There were many Doctor visits, mostly for Cayla's baby well check-ups. Here she is on day 7 and day 364.

Only one of us spent time in the ER this year, he was so lucky he got to go there twice, both times by ambulance on day 191 and 284 (my birthday). Both times for kidney stone pain. The stone still hasn't passed so he goes for surgery this coming Friday; which will be day 8 of Project 365 for 2010.

This year also included a lot of diapers and formula...which all adds up, but to how much exactly?!?

I calculated that we changed approx. 2,555 diapers in a year. That's calculating at least 7 diaper changes a day. But we all know that depends on the day :) I don't even want to calculate the cost of all those I won't go there!! These pictures were taken on day 12 and 14.

Next up, how many bottles of formula did Cayla consume. This one is hard, but if I estimate that she drank at least 5 bottles a day, that comes out to 1, 825 bottles in a year. I am sure it's more, but it's a rough estimate. And because I have kept every single can of formula she has gone through, I know the exact number of cans, since I went and counted them! They are all different sizes, but it comes out to 50 cans of formula. Because each can is a different size I can't calculate the exact cost, but approx. $1,200 for a year. Although that doesn't include the cans of pre-made formula she got and she had. Either way, it's a lot!! Soon you'll see why I kept all the cans! These pictures were taken on day 12 and day 269.

2009 was the perfect year to do Project 365 for me because I was home on mat leave with a new baby; so that meant lots of firsts. These are just a few that I selected. Captured her first smile on camera on day 27, had her first laugh on day 64, ate solids on day 114 and crawled around day 295.

I spent many, many hours scrapbooking! I don't have an exact number of layouts completed, but my rough estimate is about 120. I am sure the number is actually higher. I also counted double pages as one. Maybe in 2010 I'll actually keep track a little better :) This picture is from

This year also marked some major milestones for me in regards to scrapbooking. I had six layouts published and one photo published and I was asked to be a Garden Girl at Two Peas in a Bucket.

The biggest thing that happened this year was we built a new house! We're checking out the foundation on day 201 and that's the house during our final inspection on day 279.

We moved from our old house to the new house on day 283.

A big theme for the year was pictures of the girls and Jason sleeping! That's Cayla taking a nap in her crib for the first time on day 24 and Alyssa taking a nap on day 71. Alyssa stopped taking a daily nap around that time...gosh I miss nap time :)

I have lots of pictures of Jason napping with the's not like he was always sleeping, but out of the two of us, it was him who would fall asleep during the day! Although, the first one here is of him & Cayla sleeping in our bed on day 126 and the next one is all three of them napping on the couch on day 181.

Getting the groceries is another theme. This is us grocery shopping on days 23, 65, 191 and 323.

Visiting the library on days 41 and 251.

All those library visits meant lots of stories read, here I am reading to the girls on day 58 and 88.

Walking was another big theme this past year! If it was within walking distances we walked everywhere and then we did a nightly walk too. Here we are out walking (or in the case of the girls, strolling) on day 261 (old neighbourhood) and day 318 (new neighbourhood).

Baking was one of the themes and the one thing I seemed to make all the time, besides banana muffins (made those A LOT), was Everything cookies. Here are a couple batches, one for Valentine's Day on day 45 and for Easter on day 101.

We made rice krispie squares a lot too! Here we are on day 55 and day 242.

New jeans was big this year too! For Alyssa it meant two bigger sizes and for me it meant 4 smaller sizes. She started out on day 109 wearing a new pair of size 3T and I started out the year wearing size 12 and on day 236 I started wearing size 6.

It wasn't too much longer and on day 262 that she was wearing a 4T and I was wearing a size 4 on day 278.

The rear view mirror shot was made famous this year! I have done it in past years, but this year I did it A LOT! Here I am on day 99 and then on the way home from my parent's house on day 102, again on day 224 on the way home from the beach and then day 342 on our way to the city for my first day back to work!

Ah, the shadows! I have to give thanks to my friend Jen, who started me on the shadows. The first family shadow portrait was taken on day 71, and the self portrait of me was on day 74.

The next family shadow portrait was on day 225, on our new street as we were leaving the house after checking out the progress and then again my self shadow portrait on day 238. I love the different between my portraits, you can actually tell I am thinner...can't you?!? :) Or maybe just

Swings and visits to the park were a must for 2009. Here's the girls at the park on day 80 and then in our back yard on day 107.

Cayla didn't enjoy the swing at first, but on day 237 she sure looks like she is. And then the girls visiting their old park for the last time on day 245.

What would the year be without bubbles. Here's Alyssa enjoying the first bubbles of the year on day 92 and some of the last bubbles of the year on day 250.

Alyssa started preschool on day 274 and finished on day 330. We had hoped she could stay, but since I was returning to work, we had to pull her out. But for the short time she was there, she enjoyed it!

I returned to work on day 342 and this picture of my office building was taken on day 356.

On day 105, Project 365 could've ended because our hard drive failed!!! Luckily, I am married to the a wonderful techie and he was able to save it all!!! Of course, I was frantically standing in the background with all fingers and toes crossed that all wasn't lost!! Reminder to those doing this project....back-up EVERYTHING and back-up OFTEN!!

What's great about this entire project is that it was all documented right here on my blog, all 427 posts!!!

Wow, that was a fun review!! I could do a few different versions of this review too. It really is a lot of fun to look back on what pictures were taken and the themes that came across and the every day moments that were captured. All this reflection is making me want to take up Project 365 this year. I just can't resist taking pictures...I already haven't missed a day :) Only time will tell what comes of it! Even if I don't take a picture for 365 days, the days I do will be treasured for years to come!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Hi Sheri, thank you for the fabulous post. I love how you collated your photos into themes. I think I might do an email/Christmas newsletter like this for family and friends for Christmas 2013 - thanks for the inspiration. Gen


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