Friday, December 28, 2012

Timmy's last days with us

For Timmy's last few days with us, he was busy!

12-21-12: Timmy found Barbie and her car and took it for a spin!

12-22-12: On Saturday morning, Timmy left a note for the girls to check email. Santa had sent each of them a video message!
 12-23-12: Timmy felt right at home with all these presents! I had wrapped them the night before in preparation for going to the Horton Christmas today. I have to say, I LOVE kraft wrapping paper!! I think Timmy approves!
 12-24-12: Christmas Eve! Timmy celebrated Christmas early by bringing the girls a game! He brought them one last Christmas eve too!
On Christmas Eve night, the girls put out cookies & milk out for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. Just like last year, they wanted to put Timmy on the table too. They wanted to make sure Santa wouldn't forget to take him back to the North Pole.

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