Friday, January 25, 2013

project life 2013 | week three

I am loving how all my weekly layouts are coming together! I am keeping things simple and focusing on what is important, the stories! To help me do that, right now I have been keeping a draft email at work and when I get to work every morning I write a little bit about the previous day or that particular morning. This has been a huge help in capturing those everyday stories

Here's what week three looks like....


Like in previous weeks, I have kept the colour scheme the same by recolouring journaling cards! This week it's purple and pink, with a little touch of rainbow colours! Inspiration came from Alyssa's new found love of the Rainbow Magic books and the girls new favourite show, Sofia the First. To celebrate the beginning of the show, I had a tea party for the girls! They received invitations and everything! Lots of fun!

On the second page I also included a placeholder for where I will include a QR code that will link to a video of the girls putting on a puppet show at the library.

When I posted this on my Sheri Mae Designs facebook page, I got a few questions about how I was including the video. For some, this is old news, but for others this is new and very exciting! I know I was excited about it when I first saw a video posted on Pinterest back in early 2012. It inspired me to add quite a few of these little codes to my 2012 book!

This is the process I follow:

  1. Upload video clip to a server, like Youtube. I have been editing some of mine using Movie Maker, but others I just upload them without doing a thing to them! I shoot most of my videos with my Canon T2i.Also keep in mind that you can make your Youtube videos private, which is what I have done!
  2. After the video is uploaded I copy the Youtube link and go to this website: to generate the QR code. I had issues with others that people suggested, but this one has been good!
  3. Once the QR code is generated, I download it to my computer and rename it so that it has a description of the video and a date.
  4. I open the QR code in Photoshop Elements and then add it to my layout. I either insert the code directly on a photo and include a little arrow to say "watch this" or "so cute". But most of the time I've been using this free journaling card by Traci Reed, who by the way has a very detailed post about adding QR codes to your Project Life album!
  5. Then using your iPod/iPhone or any device that has a QR reader, scan the code and watch as your video plays!
This is such a great way to add life to your layouts! I added a handful of these last year. I think this year I'll be adding even more! :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh I love the tea party, it's so sweet of you to give them invitations and surprise them with such a special event just for them. Wishing your hubby best of luck on the job front too. The puppet show was adorable I bet, qr codes are such a great way including video into your PL easily. Thanks Sheri !

  2. Your work is amazing! Thank you for always inspiring us with your pages and providing links to how to make our digital world more enjoyable! :)

  3. Adorable! Love the colour scheme & page layouts.

  4. Very cool! I've been meaning to add some QR codes to my pages, but haven't done it yet. Mostly because I haven't taken any videos in a while, and I forget to upload them (or they're too long to upload). :) I need to do it, though!


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