Friday, January 18, 2013

project life 2013 | week two

After completing week one, I moved on quickly to get week two complete!

For this week, I tried an off white background to see if I would like it more. I think I do, but I haven't decided for sure yet :) What do you think?

This week I used a combination of journaling cards from Becky Higgins Seafoam edition and Mayfield Childhood edition. On this page, I included a card from Splendid Fiins - Eclectric Journaling cards: set 2. Nisa Fiins happens to be on Becky's CT this year and will be designing monthly kits!! Yay! I have loved her style ever since I was on the CT at

On page two, I included more Project Life cards (some recoloured) and then the bubble card where I included quotes from my girls is from Kristina Proffitt (another Project Life CT member) called Say What? journaling cards.

Another new thing I want to start doing this year is pulling quotes from my journaling and putting them on their own, like I did here on page two. I included something that each of my girls said.

I also included my youngest daughter's handwriting. She wrote her name for the first time on the birthday card for their great grandma (who turned 99 years old!!!) I scanned the card before giving it to her and then used the selection tool in Photoshop to get just her signature. Love this!!

When I posted my week one layout I have a few questions....

  • What fonts am I using? For my journaling, I use Century Gothic. I've used it the past two years so why not continue. This year, I will be adding some other fonts for when I include quotes, etc. Right now I have been using Pea Nancy, which you can get for free at
  • What photo collages do I use? I have been using Cathy Zielske's Tiny Templates quite a bit, which are available at You can take pretty much any photo collage, whether it's 12x12 or smaller and just resize it to be a 4x6. For instance, on last week's layout, I used one of Crystal Wilkerson's 5x7 templates and resized it to fit my 4x6 layer and then I added all my photos!
  • What date stamp am I using? I like to date my photos in some way or another. I tried to find a date stamp that I liked, but didn't see anything, so I made my own! I will be sharing it as a freebie very soon, so check back for that!
  • How do I recolour my digital elements? There are two tools in Photoshop you'll quickly learn to use. The eyedropper and the paint bucket! First you use the eyedropper to take a colour selection that you want to use and then you use the paint bucket tool to fill. Heather Johnson (also on Becky's CT this year) went ahead and created a tutorial video that demonstrates just how to do this, so go check it out. 
  • How do I recolour digital word art/stamps? This can be done the same way as described above using the paint bucket tool, but like one commenter said, she gets a funny feathering around the edges. To stop this from happen, you actually want to create a new layer and make it the colour you want to change the brush to and then merge that new coloured layer to the brush. I am sure there is a tutorial out there that describes this a lot better than I just did :)
Thanks again for stopping by! I appreciate all the questions/comments!


  1. i really like the off-white background better than the white. the white parts of the cards or pictures stand out better. love your all of your pages.

    1. Candy, I agree, I think I like the off-white background more :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks so much for the Q&A, Sheri! I just watched the video on recoloring over on Heather Johnson's blog, and was able to figure it out! I just needed to change the tolerance. :)

    I love the blended fruit loops card on your week 2 spread. How exciting that Nisa Fiins is going to be doing a monthly kit! I hope she includes lots of journaling cards. :) I can not wait for all the new PL editions to come out!

    1. Oh, I just noticed the Doc McStuffins graphic on one of your cards - how cute is that! Great idea. :)

    2. Jenny, I am glad the tutorial helped :) As always, thanks for stopping by!

  3. I like your white! I used a pale yellow, slightly patterned background for all 12 weeks of Project Real Life. All other colors went with it, except yellow, which unfortunately is a great color for a journaling card. So, for PL 2013 I'm cleverly using the background that comes the templates. :) It's working great!

    1. Hi Donna! Yes, the background that comes with the templates is nice! I used it for the few Project Real Life layouts I completed...sadly, I didn't get very far! Looking forward to see what inspiration you'll have for us this year! Congrats!

  4. Thanks for the link up Sheri! On another note, I like the off white background:)


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