Thursday, January 24, 2013

what documenting life means to me

To me, documenting life is about preserving everyday memories through photos and stories. A photo becomes a memory preserved for future generations to enjoy when the story behind it is documented. Without that story, it's just a photo. I don't want my girls to just have photos, I want them to have stories to help them remember their childhood, because it's worth remembering.

For one, it's not everyday that you can have a Sofia the First tea party! I know my girls will always remember the tea parties I've had for them, but having pictures will only help them remember it even more!

When I joined the 2012 Project Life Creative Team, Becky asked me what cultivating a good life meant to me. This is what I said . . ."Cultivating a good life means enjoying the everyday moments in life and not taking anything for granted or taking life too seriously. It's about smiling for the camera (because we need to be in the photos we take too), documenting the journey and sharing it with others."

That is why I will continue on the journey of documenting our everyday life for as long as I can. This is no longer about a project I decided to embark on one year, it's also not about scrapbooking, it's about documenting memories for my girls. I didn't just take 9, 750 photos in 2012 because I like to take pictures! Sure, I do like to take pictures, but taking all those pictures wasn't just about photography, it was about capturing those moments in life we take for granted, the ones we think we'll remember, but we probably won't!

Today on Becky's blog, she shared some thoughts from the 2012 Project Life Creative Team (me included) about our project life advice.

I think everyone is on the same page when we say that this project is so much more than the design of our layouts. What it all comes down to is the memories we're preserving! Sure, if we're able to put some creative flare on our layouts, that's great, but it's not why we're doing this, at least it's not why I do it. So for all those hesitant to do this, don't make it about the creativity you think you're lacking!! If you have memories you want to preserve, that's all you need! Grab your camera and a pen or in my case, my computer and get documenting life! However you choose to put it all together is up to you! Trust me when I say, you'll never regret that you did this!

Smile for the camera, document the journey and share it with others!


  1. Adorable picture of your girlies! Great post, I am in love with Project Life also, for the everyday memories and stories I am recording!

  2. So agree with you :-) I am trying to be in more photos with my boys this year.


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