Friday, February 8, 2013

2012 Project Life book arrives

On Monday, my 2012 Project Life, or as I call it, my A Day in the Life book arrived!! Ever since it was shipped last week I have been checking to see when it might be delivered! It came a day earlier then expected!! Yay!! I am so happy with how it turned out!! Although, that wasn't always the further down to see why.
This book marks my third time doing this project!!!And so far, I am not tired of it! Seeing my book all laid out like this was very rewarding! Again, I used Blurb to print my book! Very happy with their service and their quality of book!

I have always purchased the hardcover, 12x12 book with a dust jacket. I like how the dust jacket gives me another chance to include some memories or message. Originally, I had a different picture and message on the inside flap, but right before I hit the print button I changed it! I am so glad I did this!
When I opened my book, I was just excited to see all the pages!! Then I remembered all the QR codes I added! I was anxious to see how well they worked now that the pages were printed!
To my disappointment, they wouldn't scan! At first, I thought all my hard work was for nothing!! But after doing some reading and having friends on Facebook tell me that maybe it might be the device we were using to scan. Sure enough, that was the issue! Here I am trying to use our iPod to scan the code, but it didn't work! The next day I took my book to work and a co-worker that has an iPhone 4 let me use her phone and to my delight the codes scanned perfectly!!! What a relief!! I was so excited to add this functionality! Now it means I really do need to purchase an iPhone!

You can view my 2012 | A day in the life book here.

For details on how I create and print my book, see this post.


  1. Do you have a post about how to make the book on blurb? I tried and the blurb software cuts my pages off on the edges?

  2. If you read this post: it should help you with that issue :) Good luck!

  3. So happy that the qr codes worked, yay for the iPhone , I love mine.

  4. Your book is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE how you used a blank page and a single layout to separate the months!! I might try that this year!! Thank you so much for sharing!

    I do have a question...I noticed that around the time fall hit, your "pockets" were a bit smaller and you had a mat paper behind them. How did you do you have a blog post on it?


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