Saturday, February 23, 2013

hello my name is.... | pebbles - twitterpated

So proud of our little, Cayla Bear! She started junior kindergarten last fall. She was months away from turning she was one of the youngest in her class. We were a bit concerned, but knowing how determined she is to do things, we knew she would be okay.

Now six months later, she's doing so well!!! The proudest moment was about a month ago when she started to write her name all by herself!! So it was no surprise that for Valentine's Day she wanted to fill out all her friends cards!! I wasn't sure she could write her name 20 times, but she did and then some! Once she got on a roll she wanted to write her name on everything!!

I couldn't let this milestone go undocumented. I even scanned her name and included it on the layout.

The Pebbles - Twitterpated kit was perfect for this layout!

Thanks for looking!

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