Sunday, February 17, 2013

project life 2013 | week six

Week six was packed full of pictures! The funny thing is, most of them were taken within three days! I didn't take any photos on Tuesday or Wednesday. That's why I love approaching this project as an entire week, because then I can give myself a break during the week. If my weekends are more photo packed, that's okay with me!

This week started off with the arrival of my 2012 Project Life book!!! Yay! To finally have it in my hands feels so good! If you've been following me on my facebook page you'll know that I had a moment when I thought all the QR codes I had inserted to link to videos didn't work!! Thankfully, it had to do with the fact that our iPod is older, therefore it wasn't about to easily scan the smaller codes. When I took it to work, a co-worker that has an iPhone 4 was able to easily scan them! Such a huge relief! It just reconfirms the need for me to have an iPhone! One day, I hope :)

If you're a Canadian, then you'll know the significance of the picture of my daughter holding a penny! It was announced this week that they will officially stop distributing the penny to banks! Last May they officially stopped making it. So it's good bye penny!

I love the photo in the top, left corner! It's my girls holding a picture of them, holding another picture of them! The photo they are holding was taken two years ago in February 2011. It was for a photo challenge called, then & now. I had them hold the 2009 photo-a-day book I had made. Now two years later they are holding that photo! Oh, how they've grown up! In another two years I will have them hold this picture!

On Friday, we got our first snow day...the schools were closed! It's a good thing too, because it snowed all day and in the end we got close to 40 cms of snow! The picture in the top right shows Friday afternoon and the photos below show Saturday afternoon. What a difference a day makes! The girls loved it!

The journaling and filler cards are freebies from Miss Tina. Check out here blog and from the right click on free goodies. The valentine cards are the newest additions and are super cute!

I was also recently asked about the six-photo collage I've been using. It's from Crystal Wilkerson's digital shop. It's a template set called, 5x7 Template Set No. 1. I simply rotate them to suit my needs and make 4x6.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love the photo of the girls holding the photo of themselves. Thanks for telling us about where to get the freebies you used too.

  2. Hi, Sheri!
    I really love your harmonic pages. I will learn a lot with your PL pages! Your blog is on my favorite feeds!
    About the penny, I am not from Canada, but I am living here since last August. I loved the photo with the penny, it is a good way to register it! I will try to do something similar for my PL page. :)

  3. Wow! No more pennies? That is bizarre. I used Miss Tiina's free cards on my week 6 PL layout too! :)


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