Monday, February 11, 2013

what to do with your kids' valentine cards

Do your kids like to keep their Valentine cards? That would be a big "YES" for my oldest daughter!

I don't mind her keeping them, but I wanted a way for her to store them neatly and in the process maybe get rid of a few and only keep her favourites!

So on the weekend, we did just that! We went through Valentine cards from her junior and senior year of kindergarten! She had quite a few, not a mention a very cute paper bag she decorated and wrote her name on!

My solution....use Becky Higgins design F pocket page!!!

The great thing about Valentine cards..most of them are 3x4...and those that are a bit bigger can be trimmed to fit! I even took the cute brown paper bag and cut out the part that she decorated and inserted it into the 4x6 photo pocket! 
I even made sure to include the Valentine cards that she handed out to her friends! For the few extras that she couldn't throw out, they got inserted in between cards.

Now this page can be inserted into her album! Love it!!

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