Wednesday, March 6, 2013

project life 2013 | week eight

I love how some weeks when I haven't felt like taking a lot of pictures, I still end up with two pages full of memories!

It was Family Day on Monday, February 18th. It's a newer statutory holiday in Ontario. At first, I wasn't keen on getting a long weekend in February, but it's actually nice! Like in past years, we ventured out as a family to play in the snow! We even snapped our traditional Family Day photo! I set my camera on a piece of play equipment, not thinking that anything would happen! Well, the wind picked up and actually blew my camera off and it landed in the snow!!! It wasn't harmed and I think all is okay with it! Can't have my only way for documenting life get broken! I also love that my hubby snapped a picture of me! I don't make it into pictures nearly as often as I I made sure to add this photo of me decked out in pink!

All the photos are this page are from Family Day. We enjoyed time outside and then came inside to enjoy some hot chocolate and homemade cookies!

Watching my youngest daughter right now has been a lot of fun. Now that she's in school twice a week, it's fun to watch her discover new things and to see how grown up she has become!

This week:
  • journaling cards from the Mayfield Childhood edition
  • a quote card from Becky's Project Real Life class that she offered through Big Picture Classes last fall
  • the other quote card on the first page I created using a quote I found on Pinterest
  • the right here, right now filler card is by Miss Tina
Thanks for looking!


  1. Love those precious snowflakes ! Love how you got into the photos this week, I need to be better getting in front of the good camera not just the iPhone. Thanks for sharing your week with us Sheri.

  2. I love all your colorful layouts! Could you please let me know where to get the banner you use in your cookies picture to indicate what week it is? I love the look but have not been able to find it anywhere.
    Thanks so much!


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