Saturday, March 2, 2013

visit to work | crate paper - neighborhood

These photos have been on my "to document" list for a very long time!!! This is my oldest daughter when she was just 2 years old! She came to work with us. Aat the time my hubby & I worked at the same place. She was only there for a few hours before we headed to the ultrasound appointment that would tell us she was going to have a baby sister and us another daughter!

I still work at this company and in this building. The original building was built in 1912, so there is a lot of amazing architecture! We have what is called the Great Hall. I took Alyssa down there and snapped some pictures of her walking down the hall and venturing into some of the meeting rooms. The other photos are of her sitting at my desk. I love that she carried her Upsy Daily doll around the entire building. Every so often people who stop to comment on how cute she was and ask about her pretty doll.

She doesn't remember this trip, but has seen the pictures and has asked when she can go back again! Maybe it's time for another visit!

For this layout I used Pebbles - Neighborhood collection. The template is by Yin Designs.

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