Saturday, June 29, 2013

project life 2013 | week 20

School is officially done and it's summer vacation for the girls! Wish I could have two months off work!

Summer is the time that I start to slack a bit in the way of creating project life layouts and scrapbooking in general. Lately, I've been reading at night rather than spending time at the computer. This is a good thing, but it does mean I am not staying on top of things the way I would like. But that's what lazy Sunday afternoons are for :) I am still taking lots of pictures and getting the memories documented, I am just not putting the layouts together until weeks later! In the end, it's all good and I am just thankful that I continue to document our everyday life!

My oldest turned 7 in May, so the birthday celebrations started during week 20. For one, I did something I haven't done in years...a birthday photo shoot! The weather was perfect...sunny (with some clouds) and warm...almost a bit too warm, but compared to the mitts and jacket weather we had the starting of the week, I'll take the heat!

Because I had so many great photos from the photo shoot, I did my best to get the other weekly photos on page one. I think I did okay. There weren't a lot to begin with.

I love how the second page came together with all the photos from the shoot. I even included a couple of Cayla, since she so desperately wanted her photo taken with the balloons too!

I am still loving the Blush edition! Perfect for all these girly photos. I also included a card from the Childhood edition on the second page, I just recoloured it pink.

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