Sunday, November 3, 2013

post Halloween wrap-up

We had a very wet and windy Halloween night! Despite the rain, we managed to take the girls out for about an hour. It was them who wanted to go home to hand out candy! Best idea they've had in a long time! We were all soaked and happy to be home!

It's a good thing I take pictures of them before the big night. I took these photos of them about two weeks before. The leaves had just started to change colour and fall. It made for a nice backdrop to my beautiful princesses.

Alyssa was Rapunzel and Cayla was Sofia the First.

I know I am not the only one who dresses their kids up to do a photo shoot before the big night. And, lately I've seen some really great ideas on how to document the different costumes. I may just have to do something similar, but for now, I have just gathered together photos of them from the past few years.Oh, how my babies have grown!

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