Monday, January 20, 2014

project life 2013 | weeks 49 - 52

The month of December is always a busy month and usually a big photo month! Trying to include as many photos as I could each week was a challenge, but I did it! The only time I needed more room was the week of Christmas and the days following, so I split that into two layouts. Other than that, I stick with one two-page layout per week.

Because I created all these layouts at the same time over a couple of days, I stuck with using one kit, in this case, Merry & Bright. I did use a couple cards from the original Merry & Bright kit that Crystal Wilkerson released in her digital shop, however they are no longer available for purchase, that I am aware of.

Week 49: 
We got in the full swing of Christmas by going to our Santa Claus parade, which meant the girls wrote their letters to Santa. We then put up our tree and had our elf, Timmy return! With my youngest daughter about to turn five, we had the grandparents over for a gingerbread decorating party!

Week 50:
We started off the week celebrating my daughter's birthday! Timmy enjoyed a few different adventures all week! We took the girls to see Frozen in 3D. They loved the movie, but not really fans of 3D. I have to agree, I much prefer 2D :)

Week 51:
I was sick with the stomach flu this week, so the pictures were taken before it hit and after I recovered! We were hit with another ice storm, second one this year. We were lucky we were only without power for 6 hours. Some people were days without power, some not getting power back until after Christmas!! 
Week 52:
I take lots of photos during this time!! More than I ever put in my weekly layouts! That's okay, a lot of them are just different angles, etc. Anything I truly want to be in my layout is in it! But for this week, I split it into two layouts. So this first one is from the 23 to 25 and the second one is from the 26th until the 31st. I did this because I always start my new album on January 1st, regardless of when it falls in the week.

Christmas is such a magical time. We were a bit worried about this year, as the girls did some snopping before Christmas! Thankfully we were able to make some last minute changes to what they got and all was good on Christmas morning!
We spent time with both of our families, which is always fun. It was another great Christmas. 

Now that I am officially complete all my weekly layouts I am in the process of putting together my book to print through Blurb. Last year I put together this blog post about my printing process.

I will be back to share my finished book! Can't wait :)

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