Sunday, February 2, 2014

project life 2014 | weeks 1 - 4

How is it possible that the month of January has already flown by?!

I am okay with that, as it means we're getting closer to spring! Although, according to the groundhog, we're in store for six more weeks of winter! Living in southern Ontario or pretty much anywhere in Ontario means we've had extremely cold temperatures and LOTS of snow!! The buses were cancelled a few times and the schools were closed once. Not too bad considering other areas were hit a lot harder than us. I honestly can't remember this much snow since I was a kid! My girls are loving it, me, not sure much!

Being indoors does mean a lot of scrapbooking has been happening! Last weekend I finished my 2013 Project Life book and sent it off to print. I got the notification it was shipped, so I am expecting it to arrive this week!!

Having that project wrapped up, means that I could concentrate on my weekly layouts for 2014. I have been good about working on each week shortly after the week has ended, so that feels good. I know that won't always be the case, especially when the nicer weather finally arrives, so for now I am enjoying being caught up.

Again this year, I am taking the simple approach, my photos, a few journaling cards and some word art. Nothing too fancy, but just the right amount of fancy for me :)

First, I 'll share my weekly layouts up till this point and down below I will explain what I plan on using to help document this year.

week one | january 1 - 5

week two| january 6 - 12

week three| january 13 - 19

week four| january 20 - 26

What am I using to document 2014?
  • Digital Project Life by Becky Higgins. I never set out to use just one core kit or even one themed kit. I like the variety that is now available, so I use a bit of everything! And being that I am on the Creative Team for Digital Project Life, I am able to play with all the new releases, so another reason not to limit myself. I've always liked variety in this project, so it's not a surprise I don't stick to just one kit. Although, I do sometimes stay with one kit for a month. For example, in January, I used the Neapolitan Mini kit.
  • Template A. Most of my weekly layouts use template A. I may move things around a bit, but I usually always start with template A. I do throw in a few other page templates every so often, but I am pretty consistent with using template A.
  • Word art and photo overlays. I like to use word art and photo overlays. I have always done this, so nothing new. The word art is almost always by Ali Edwards. I love her! I also use photo overlays by Splendid Fiins. Some new photo overlays that I've been using are the Just Add Color photo overlays.
  • Fonts. I like to stay with a couple fonts throughout my book. So for my title card where I insert the week and dates and then any word art that I type directly on my photos, I am using KG Part of Me. And then for my journaling font, I am using Bariol.
  • Date stamp. I created these using the Bebas font. I used them last year, so just thought, why not use them again!
  • Photo collages. I like to include a number of photos on my layouts, so I often use photo collages to do this. I mostly use the 4x6 templates by Paislee Press. I also use Cathy Zielske's Tiny Templates No. 4.
I think that pretty much covers what I use on a regular basis. If you have further questions, please post a comment and I will address it :)

Thanks for looking!

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