Sunday, February 9, 2014

rainbow loom valentine card freebie

With Valentine's Day just days away, I have been working on creating cards for my girls to take to school. This was my first year actually designing them!

I can't take credit, as I originally saw the idea of giving rainbow loom bracelets as Valentine gifts on Pinterest. There were a number of different ones that I saw, but I liked this one by Tangled Shoe Box. I love her design, but I wanted something a bit smaller, so I designed my own!!

My daughter, who is seven and in second grade loves them!!!! She has 18 students in her class, so we have a few bracelets to make still! I say, "we" because I have been helping her. I made my first rainbow loom bracelet the other day. Very proud of myself!! My daughter wanted to do red, white and pink elastics, with the white elastics actually being the glow in the dark ones!!!

Here's the finished card with the bracelet attached.

The card is 3x4 inches in size. The perfect size for anyone who does Project Life and would to include a copy in your album! I printed them on a heavy card stock and after cutting them down to size, I put two holes (using a hole punch) to loop the bracelet through. We plan to write the names on the cards before looping the bracelets through...makes it easier :)

If you would like these sweet cards, you can download them here.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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