Friday, August 29, 2014

digital project life | my baby through the years

If you're a Mom, there is no doubt that you have a lot of pictures of your kids! Sometimes so many that you're not sure what to do with all of them! I know I struggle with this. I have two girls and right now feeling very behind in documenting their childhood. I've done an amazing job according to most of my friends who don't scrapbook, but for me, I sometimes feel like I'll never have all the stories told. And you know what, that's okay! I can only do my best :)

One way that I can do my best is by using Project Life products! What simpler way is there? I love that I can put these layouts together in matter of minutes and call it done! For me, this style of scrapbooking has changed the way I document memories. No longer am I spending countless hours deciding on what paper best coordinates with my photos! That goes back to my days of paper scrapbooking when I would go to the store with my printed photos and painstakingly try to find just the right combination of papers! Going digital helped a lot with that, but I still spent too much time with that part of the process. With Project Life products, I don't find I do that. Maybe a little bit, but not nearly as much.

The best part about these amazing products is I can go back and put together layouts from previous years. So if you haven't done anything remotely close to documenting your child's memories, you can so easily with Project Life!

For this layout, I used the Stampin' Up! Little Moments edition, along with template N.

Jump ahead a few months and this is my same little baby girl whose feet were oh so tiny in that first layout. Here she's 8 months old. Now she's 5 years old and gosh I do miss that little baby face!

For this layout I used the Stampin' Up! Everyday Adventure edition and template P.

And then jump ahead a few years and this is my sweet baby girl at 30 months. Such a sweetie pie.

For this layout I used the Coral edition and Girl theme pack and template U.

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