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I completed Project 365 for the first time in 2009. I was on maternity leave with my second daughter and thought it would be the perfect way to document our year as a family of four. It was an amazing year, despite the fact that my husband lost his job on week four!! It was tough, but at the same time we got to spend a lot of time together, creating memories!

I created weekly digital layouts highlighting just one photo each day, even though I took way more than just one photo a day!!

To preview the book, clickA Day in the Life 2009


I attempted to do Project 365 again in 2010, but by April, I wasn't feeling it and decided not to continue. I don't regret it, as I still captured lots of wonderful memories! I was very diligent about updating my blog so that at the end of the year I could print my blog posts as a book. I ended up with two books from the year, which I had printed through

To preview the books, click below:


In 2011, I successfully completed another year of Project 365. This time around, I allowed myself the freedom of missing a day here and there. It wasn't so much about capturing just one photo a day, it was about telling the story of our every day life. Here's a post about my approach for my 2011 book.

To preview the book:A Day in the Life 2011


2012 was my first year doing Project Life using Becky Higgins' templates and core kits! It also marked the year that she asked me to be on the Project Life Creative Team! So blessed for the opportunity! Loved it!

To preview the book:A Day in the Life 2012


Another year doing Project Life! Every year gets better and better! I love how this year all came together. Probably my favourite book to date!

To preview the book: A Day in the Life 2013


Just when I think my last book was my favourite, I complete another book and love it even more.

To preview the book: A Day in the Life 2014


  1. Hi Sheri.
    I love your 2011 book. The layouts and personality of the book is just wonderful. Can I ask (as i'm new to digital scrapbooking etc) did you design the layouts first and then uploaded to blurb or can you do all those wonderful things with the blurb software?

  2. Hi Trudi,

    Yes, I created all the layouts :) I use Blurb to create the book.

  3. Thanks for that. Gosh..I don't even know where to start. I love how you have the graph paper on top of the background paper but dont know if its a template to get it all so inline or if you have done that yourself. I have a lot to learn hahaha.

  4. Hi Sheri.
    Sorry, me again, I was just wondering if you could tell me what templates you used for your layouts in your 2011 book and if they are not your own where can I get some :) I'm trying to make a book for myself and am struggling a little hehe. thanks in advance. Trudi :)

  5. Hi Trudi, the templates I used are no longer available, the designer closed her store. They were by Biographitti. Sorry!

  6. Hi, I just ran across your blog after seeing some of your layouts on Jessica Sprague. I think all of your work is amazing! I am very much a beginner with digital scrapbooking, but would love to do more. I am trying to do the paper Project Life album this year and I just can't keep up with printing all the pictures every week. Anyway, I had the same question as the reader above - do you create all your layouts first (in Photoshop?) and then upload and add them to Blurb? I guess that is what you do and it came out as an amazing book. I've only had one experience with Blurb when I made a book of one year of my blog and I found it to be an extremely tedious process and the program to not be very user-friendly. It took so much time to edit and change the sizes of all the pictures. Maybe I did something wrong? Do you have a blog post about making your blog into a book? I couldn't find it or search it. Thanks so much!

  7. Oh its really new for me em really impressed with this thanks for this blog.
    Project Life

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